No time for healthy habits

Does something in your life need to change?

Are you stuck in a toxic mindset that is hindering your ability to grow both personally and professionally?

My name is Helen Micallef and I am a Life Improvement Consultant. I create personalised, tailor made life improvement plans to help people reach their goals.

I invite you to give yourself a moment to think about the things in your life you would like to change and picture yourself successfully making these changes.

What does this success look like to you?

You may see yourself reaching a weight loss goal, getting out of debt, improving your mindset, stepping into a new career or starting your own business.

By tailoring a program to suit his needs, Gareth Hill has made some astounding changes in his personal and professional life and my personalised consultation sessions continue to help him stay on track:

“As someone who specialises in helping others, I was quite resistant to seeking help myself. It took some cajoling, however with some help from my fiancé, I booked a time to see Helen.

I saw Helen I think 4 times. She showed me some key information and gave me some homework and my results have been incredible, as follows:

One of my businesses, Queen Forever Australia has gone from strength to strength, with a sell-out show at The Palms @ Crown only a couple of weeks ago.

I have been attending the gym 3 times a week for the last couple of months and am fitter than I have been in many, MANY years.

I have given up smoking!! I dropped the cigarettes, cold turkey around 12 weeks ago and haven't had one!! No nicotine patches or gum, just dropped the ciggies after smoking for 30 years!!!

My relationship with my gorgeous and PATIENT fiancé is better than ever!!!

Thanks Helen! I cannot recommend this caring, intelligent, KNOWLEDGABLE woman enough!!!” -Gareth Hill


Whatever you want your future to look like it is never too late to start working on creating a better life for yourself.

Are you ready to take back control of your life and start working towards your idea of success?

Contact me today for a free 30-minute no obligation consultation to uncover the main thing standing between you and your goals, while we also come up with a five-step action plan to get you on your way to overcoming this obstacle.

You’re only a phone call away from becoming a happier, healthier, more successful you!





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