How to be kind in trying times

Its no secret that there is a lot going on in the world at the moment.

We are living through a history making situation that is changing day by day, and with social distancing and self-isolation now in full force, it can be all to easy to feel cut off and withdrawn from society.

This is having negative effects on many people’s mindsets.

Life might feel like an uphill battle, but there is always a way to help somebody else keep going.

Throw in the fact that we don’t know what’s going to happen next, as well as all the uncertainty about jobs, the future and the permanent effects that the coronavirus will have on our society, and you have a recipe for a really unhealthy and negative mindset.

Although most of these situations are completely out of our control, there are some small things you can do to make the world a better place during these trying times.

Random acts of kindness are the key to increasing happiness and instilling a positive mindset, and they are needed now more than ever.

Acts of kindness are not only beneficial to others, but also to yourself as they force you to step out of your own head and do something positive.

This positive focus breaks the negative thinking cycle and allows you to see more clearly all the good things that still surround us.

Below are some ideas for random acts of kindness, some of which you can do in isolation and others you can save for when we are all out and about again.

Remember, acts of kindness aren’t just for pandemics, they are a perpetual blessing we need to keep going all year round.

8 examples of random acts of kindness:

1: Give someone a genuine compliment.

Whether over social media or in person, giving someone a genuine compliment is sure to make them smile.

A phone or video call is a great way to stop people feeling isolated.

2: Call a loved one.

Check in on how they’re doing and ask whether they need anything.

Elderly people in particular can easily become socially isolated, especially if they are having difficulties with mobility. Give them a call once a week and see how they’re doing.

3: Hold the door for someone else.

I firmly believe that no one is ever too busy to be kind to someone else.

If you’re walking through a door and there’s someone behind you, take that extra couple of seconds to hold it open for them too.

You won’t miss the extra two seconds out of your day and the other person will appreciate your kind gesture.

4: If you see a piece of litter, pick it up.

Mother Earth deserves kindness too.

There are many ways to show kindness to our environment and one of the most impactful ways is to pick up litter when you’re out and about.

Small pieces of litter can easily blow into the gutter and get washed down the drain when it rains, ending up in waterways and potentially being consumed by animals.

Even picking up one small piece of litter can make a big difference.

5: Don’t turn a blind eye to someone who is struggling.

This can be something as small as helping someone who is clearly having trouble using the Myki machine or taking the time to give directions to someone who is obviously lost.

Giving a few moments of your time to help someone else is time well spent.

6: Surprise your neighbour with some flowers or fresh produce from your garden.

Having a good relationship with your neighbours is incredibly important.

Fresh flowers spread happiness all year round.

Having a sense of community with those who live close to us can help build friendships that can last a lifetime.

Popping some fresh home-grown tomatoes or a bunch of flowers from your garden on their doorstep with a little note is a beautiful way of showing them you care.

These kinds of acts are often reciprocal and you might just find a bag of fresh oranges on your door soon after!

8: Say thank you.

It is so important to show others that we are thankful for the role they play in our lives.

Whether it’s something small, such as the barista handing you your coffee, or something large such as a loved one cooking your meals when you were sick, it is important to thank people and show how grateful we are for the role they have played in our lives.

You never know what someone else might be going through, so hearing a “thank you” might just make their day a little brighter.

7: Offer to walk an elderly or unwell neighbour’s dog.

You can be the giver of the gift of walkies!

If there’s someone in your street who is unwell or frail, offer to take their dog for a walk.

This not only benefits the dog (yay walkies!) but also allows you to be social with your neighbours.

You can see that random acts of kindness are not difficult things to do.

There are many small things we can do quite easily that have the power to improve someone’s day, as well as give you a boost of positivity.

Unlike the virus, feel free to spread kindness absolutely everywhere you can!

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