Application is the Key to Success!

I love to learn.

There is just something so satisfying about attending a seminar, reading a blog or listening to a podcast and drinking in all this new information and learning new skills.

Unfortunately, where I, along with many other people, sometimes fall flat is the application of this knowledge. Put simply, we learn a lot but many of us never apply this knowledge in our everyday lives.

Application is the missing factor that stops us from successfully applying a new skill. This is nothing new by all means but it is worth remembering as it is all too easy to get distracted by our busy lifestyles and let newly acquired knowledge fade away in the back of our minds.

The most successful people have one thing in common and that is they all apply what they have learned.

Workshops are a great way to learn new skills

What is the point of attending seminars and workshops or studying an online course if we don’t actually implement what we have learned?

Sometimes there can be so much information thrown at you in a seminar or workshop that it simply becomes overwhelming and we don’t even know where to start applying what we’ve learned!

To combat this, here is a three-step strategy that will help clear up information overload and get you on your way to successfully applying the skills that matter to you.


1: Note down your main areas of focus.

Never underestimate the power of making a list!

Whether you’ve attended a workshop, seminar, or just watched an informational video on Youtube, go through all your notes.

Shortlist the points that you feel are the most important things to address out of all the information you have collected.

Don’t be overwhelmed if you end up with 15 points and don’t feel dismayed if you only find one.

The focus here is to note down what you feel is important to learn more about or what you would like to start applying personally or professionally.

These will become your focus points.


2: Begin your selection.

Now that you have identified the areas you would like to focus on, it’s time to cut things into easily manageable chunks.

To do this, select two or three of your points to really focus on.

If you have a long list of focus points, choose the first three that stand out to you the most or that you feel are the most important things for you to master first.

For example, it might be more important to learn about marketing strategies before you start trying to design flyers and pamphlets.

3: Apply, apply, apply!

This is where the real work begins!

Now that you’ve identified a few points to focus on, choose one to start with and start working on applying that knowledge to your everyday life.

Applying what you learn is vital to success

This is the key to getting the most out of workshops and seminars: you have to start applying!

Start small. If your focus point is learning how to use social media to market your business, start by working out what kind of posts your target market would find the most interesting. Commit to posting consistently, whether that’s once a day or three times a week. Work out when your followers are the most active and schedule posts for these times to ensure maximum visibility and interactivity.

You can see how taking small steps in one of your focus points can have potentially huge beneficial impact not only for your business but for your own knowledge and self-confidence.

Once you successfully apply a skill, don’t stop! Move on to the next one on your list and keep working through your focus points.

Implement these into your every day life so it becomes a habit.

The important thing to remember is to do the best you can. If you find something difficult to apply, don’t feel bad!

Whether you reach out and ask for help or devote more time to learning about something, remember not to stop. Keep moving forward even if its at a slower pace than you would have liked.

If you study well and start applying your knowledge, there is no limit to how much you can learn or how successful you can become.

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