Lock down lessons: What have we learned?

COVID-19 truly brought the world to its knees.

We’ve been at the mercy of an invisibly enemy for weeks, and in a way, it feels as though we have gone back in time as a society, and not in a bad way.

People are cooking their own meals at home, spending more time on craft projects, working on their homes, reading books as well playing board games and doing puzzles.

Lock down was hard for many of us.

Taking the car out is less common as many people work from home or only go out to do the shopping when absolutely necessary, and going outdoors for a walk and some fresh air has replaced going to the gym.

While restrictions have been tough on us in many ways, there have certainly been some changes that have been much better for us.

Being forced to slow down has made us reassess the fast paced, immediate gratification of our modern world that we had grown unhealthily accustomed to.

Perhaps through this strict, enforced way of life we have grown to have an appreciation for the simple things our parents and grandparents lived with.

So now that things are beginning to get back to normal, how can we take this new found appreciation for the simple things with us?

By connecting with people in a more meaningful way, revisiting old school entertainment and examining our relationship with consumerism, we can ensure that the lives we lead post COVID-19 will not only assist with our emotional and mental well-being, but the health of the planet too.


1: Really connect.

You don’t really know the value of something until you don’t have it anymore.

Have you ever been sitting in a cafe with friends but found that you were dwelling on all the things you needed to do once you got home instead of actually being in the moment?

Friendships are like flowers, you need to nurture them so they can grow.

It wasn’t until we were unable to go out with friends that we really wished we were more present the last time we had caught up with them.

COVID-19 really emphasised the importance of real human connection.

While we made do with phone calls and video chats, we really began to appreciate all the times we were able to see people face to face.

If we have learned anything from this, it’s to really be in the moment when you’re with someone.

Show them the respect they deserve by giving them your undivided attention and listening to what they have to say.

By really connecting like this, we will nurture our friendships and help them grow.


2: Embrace old school entertainment.

Spending more time indoors meant some of us quickly grew tired of Netflix and watching movies.

This has led many people to embrace the kinds of entertainment we may not have indulged in in years.

Board games and puzzles were selling out in stores and people began to spend more time on creative pursuits they normally wouldn’t have had time for otherwise.

Going forward, it is important that we continue to nurture our sense of play and fun, as well as give our creative side room to flourish.

These kinds of things can do wonders for stress relief which, in turn, has positive effects on our physical health too.

Once our lives begin to head back to “normal” you might like to consider making room for these kinds of things in your daily life as a way to break up the daily grind and have a bit of fun.


3: Consume less.

Another thing COVID-19 has made us realise, is that what we missed the most during this time were our loved ones, not material possessions.

We missed loved ones, seeing friends and family and catching up over a coffee. We missed going out for dinner, giving friends a hug and celebrating birthdays at bars. We missed that social connection, and whilst technology has enabled us to connect remotely, nothing can compare with the real thing.

While we were in lock down, we didn’t miss material things, we even tried to get rid of things by giving the house a good declutter.

We examined our relationship with “stuff” and realised we could live without that new dress or pair of heels, that we didn’t need those new earrings or Blu-ray player and that we were better of saving our money for a weekend away rather than splurge on a new TV.

With our world turned upside down, we have been forced to examine or lifestyles as well as our priorities.

By doing these three things, we can bring a more mindful, slower way of living with us into post lock down life.

Sometimes moving slower and enjoying the ride is better than rushing through life and missing out on things.


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