October- Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As a breast cancer survivor, I hear from many people who have been diagnosed or know someone who has.

I love supporting them and have seven pieces of advice I would like to share with you all in honor of breast cancer awareness month:

  1. Check your breasts regularly. Get to know what is normal and get anything abnormal checked immediately
  2. If you’re unsure about a suspicious lump, do not delay seeking a doctor’s advice. The longer you leave it, the more worried you will get.


  1. If it is suspicious, don’t assume it’s nothing. Get a diagnosis so you know exactly what you’re dealing with.


  1. Research your options. Find out what course of treatment is right for you and do your research.


  1. Surround yourself with a support group who will stand by your side whatever decision you make. Have someone with you at all your appointments- you may be upset and overwhelmed. Your support can relay any information you may have missed or ask any questions you may not have thought to ask.


  1. Eat well: use supplements to build up your immunity and prepare your body for treatments.


  1. Ask for help! Don’t be afraid to put your hand up and ask for help. Asking does not make you weak and people will be happy that they can help you in your time of need.


Its also important to note that you will be INUNDATED with advice about treatment from doctors, family and friends telling you to try any number of different things. This an get overwhelming but remember they are only trying to help. Thank them, read the information and if you don’t want to use it then that’s OK!

You are already overwhelmed, don’t make it worse by trying to do too much at once, take one thing at a time and make sure you take the time to rest and do something nice for yourself, if you want to sleep all day, then allow yourself to sleep.



We all know we need food to survive and that eating the right foods can assist in the prevention of a range of illnesses. Did you also know that the right foods can have a natural anti-ageing effect?

Currently, anti-ageing is a 90 Billion dollar a year industry.

Cosmetic and skincare companies routinely promise to reverse the ravages of time, with the amount of people undergoing cosmetic surgeries also increasing.

However, more people are also embracing a more holistic approach when it comes to anti-ageing.

This means people are adopting an entire system made up of a healthy diet, exercise, adequate sleep, vitamins and minerals and probiotics, rather than relying on individual components.

Implementing all these changes into your routine may seem overwhelming at first glance, but it really is quite simple.

Write a list of all the things you want to change and choose one to start with.

That’s right, just one. Choose the one that stands out the most, implement it into your routine and watch it become a habit then move onto the next one.

In this way, many people see better results. The real secret to ageing well is what you put in your body, and you are better off taking the time to do one thing well than trying to change ten things at once poorly.


“Just as food causes chronic disease, it can be the most powerful cure” – Hippocrates

Hippocrates was full of great advice about the role of medicine as food. He also famously quoted that “illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against nature”.

Just as good food can do wonders for our appearance, it is also a valuable medicine.

Our foods are not as rich in vitamins and minerals as they once were, which is why supplements are more important than ever at making sure we are getting the nutrition we need to ward off illness and disease.

Today tablets and potions are a quick fix that doctors are all too ready to prescribe. People can easily forget just how much of an impact and improved diet can have on their health because they think the answer lies in the form of a prescription.

I love what doctors do for the community and they are an asset to our society, but I would love to see a combination of traditional and natural medicine to ensure that people are getting the best of both worlds.


“Comparison is the thief of joy” –  Theodore Roosevelt

How many times have you looked at someone and thought “why don’t I look like that?”

Sometimes its hard not to compare ourselves with others, but trying to stop this negative way of thinking can be difficult.

Let’s take a look at what we actually do when we compare ourselves to others:

  1. We make less of ourselves: we talk our achievements down, despairing that they pale in comparison to the achievements of others.


  1. We take ourselves away from what we should be doing.


  1. Our self-talk becomes toxic, which is harmful to our well being as we undervalue ourselves and out self-worth.


The only person you should be comparing yourself with is you!

Look at how far you’ve come and the improvements you’ve made in the last year. You may have lost a couple kilos, gained a new client or paid off some of your debts.

Celebrate those achievements and feel good about yourself and what you do.

You’ll soon see how much impact positive thinking can have on your life.

Until next month, keep well and be healthy!





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