Re-evaluating What’s Important

This year more than ever, we have had more time to think.

Various lockdowns have given us the opportunity to sit back and examine our lives in a way many of us have not been able to do before.

Through this assessment, free of the usual noise of busy life, you may have picked up on a few things that you want to work on.

Perhaps a long-held habit is no longer serving you, or you have realised the way you’ve been moving through life is inconsistent with your values and is making you miserable.

This pandemic has changed the way we view our careers, family life and homes, so let us examine these three areas and see what we have learned from this period of quiet reflection.



This year has seen our working lives turned upside down and inside out.

Many people suddenly lost their jobs, some found their workloads increase beyond their ability cope, while others had to hurriedly clear away a space on the kitchen table as more and more people were forced to work from home.

It can help to see the current working environment as an opportunity for a new start.

These changes placed an immense amount of stress on people across the country and the meshing of work and home forced us to examine our careers and their impact on our happiness.

Ask yourself if you are truly happy in your existing career or if it is high time to start looking for something that is more in line with your interests and skills.

Perhaps you have suddenly found yourself without work and feel stuck, or have been unemployed for a while and are looking to return to the workforce.

It might help to see this situation as the chance for a clean slate and a fresh start.

When looking for a job it is helpful to consider your personality and values. These are excellent indicators of the kind of career you would benefit from undertaking and will go a long way to increase happiness and satisfaction in your working life.

Remember, while things might be tough and confusing right now, the air always clears to reveal a brighter path. We all have our own unique gifts and hold the potential to use these gifts to make the world a brighter place.



Through spending more time at home, you might have picked up on a few things you may not have noticed before.

You may have spotted that the walls could do with some fresh paint or that your living spaces are too cluttered to do anything more than watch TV.

Does your living space reflect the life you want to live?

It is helpful to ask if your living space is currently reflecting the kind of life you want to live, and if its not, then it’s time to make some changes.

You might want to spend more quality time with your family but find your space is too cluttered to hold a family games night.

Maybe you’ve discovered a new hobby but are without a designated space to accommodate it.

There has never been a better time than right now to consider the way you want to live and assess what parts of your home need changing to make this way of living possible.

This does not have to mean costly renovations or extensions. Changes could be as simple as sorting through and removing clutter, rearranging furniture to improve the functionality of a space or even just fresh coat of paint to brighten up your home.

Your home is your sanctuary, a place of rest, healing and fun, and should be given the same love and dedication that you give to others.



The changes we have gone through as a society over the last few months have seen the ways we interact with our families change drastically.

Spending quality time with loved ones is one of the best ways to strengthen bonds.

For the first time, you might have noticed little habits that are destroying your family’s bonds, such as spending too much time staring at screens rather than talking and connecting with one another.

While everyone does need some time to themselves, you may have a desire to spend more quality time with your family, and this is the perfect time to implement these changes.

More time spent at home means more time to create new habits.

You could get everyone involved in indoor picnics, camping in the backyard, board game evenings, crafternoons or cooking meals as a family.

These simple and inexpensive ideas are a fantastic way to make the time you spend together fun while you continue to strengthen family bonds and create memories.


We have learned a lot from this pandemic and the self-reflection we have undertaken has left us with room to make positive changes in all aspects of our lives.

As long as we remain flexible to life’s interruptions and try to make the best of every situation, we will continue to grow as people and increase our resilience.


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